Important Factors To Consider When Purchasing Flooring Tiles


When looking for flooring tiles, builders and homeowners have different options to consider. However, there are many factors that can influence one’s choice of flooring tiles. Attractiveness and durability may be the most common factors but other factors also play a crucial role. Tiles are most commonly used in the kitchen and bathroom, but they may be great if used in other areas of the house as well. Therefore, before making a choice on the type of tiles to purchase for your Dallas flooring, here are a number of factors to consider.


There are different types of materials for making tiles. There are different tile materials in use such as ceramic, wood, brick, laminate, granite, slate, marble, mosaic, porcelain and vinyl. These tile materials come in different colors and designs. It is therefore up to you to determine which kind of material you love the most and affordable for your case.


If water enters into the tiles, it can affect them adversely. But some types of tiles are water-resistant. Water also makes some tiles very slippery hence can be a hazard in the house. In most cases, granite, marble, ceramic and mosaic tiles are the most suitable for kitchens and bathrooms.


No one would like to purchase tiles which will get won-out within no time. It is therefore crucial to consider materials that are more durable. For instance, vinyl, ceramic and brick tiles are more resistant to wear and tear as compared to marble and granite.


Whether the tiles are to be used indoors or outdoors is an important factor that cannot be overlooked. Outdoor flooring is vulnerable to many elements of nature hence might get won out quickly. Clay and brick tiles can function better in outdoor flooring since they are more resistant to adverse conditions.


Perhaps the attractiveness of the tiles is the most significant consideration for most people when choosing flooring tiles. Everyone would like to get something that is more appealing to the eye. Marble, hardwood and granite are the mostly sought after type of tiles due to their allure. However, the attractiveness of tiles should be considered in conjunction with other factors. Check out Dallas remodeling here!

Resistance to Chemicals

If you are considering flooring tiles for places that are prone to abrasive materials and chemicals such as commercial installments, then it is important to select tiles that can withstand such chemicals. Hardy tiles like slate can be a fantastic option for such areas.

Exposure to Sunlight

Sunlight is a wear and tear agent when it comes to tiles. The amount of direct sunlight that the tiles are exposed to, will affect them adversely. Some materials such as concrete and vinyl offer more resistance to direct sunlight than others. Also, other tiles have been equipped with ultraviolet coatings that offer more protection against sunlight.


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